Fear, Loss, and Hope in “songs we used to dance to”

One of the best books of poetry I’ve read this year! I definitely encourage everyone to get a copy.

Southern Review of Books

Written while living in a self-destructive society on the coattails of a global pandemic, courtney marie’s second collection of poems, songs we used to dance to, has been called a “revolution overdue.” It’s perfect for those willing to take an unflinching look at self and country, like that found in “this country is a hungry fist,” a poem which looks at the ways the United States can “feast on the dreams of the innocent.” This stunning collection refuses to back down from the struggles of identity and the post-pandemic realities, as explored in the poem “nothing will ever be the same”:

in all the horror of this year
one thing sets it apart from all the horrors of all the other years: the
distance between us.

Through the course of the pandemic, identities changed as Americans began seeing themselves in a different light due to the vast distance…

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Published by Jessica Blandford

Jessica Blandford graduated from the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte in May of 2020. She was born and raised in the greater Grand Rapids area. When she isn't writing Jessica can be found riding old state highways on her motorcycle. Jessica has two dogs, Ryder, and Jax. She balances life with a daughter and a steadfast partner who has the patience to deal with it all. Jessica often contributes to the Southern Review of Books and adjuncts at Grand Rapids Community College. Her work has appeared in Marathon, HYYPE online, HoneyFire Lit., and Display Magazine. Jessica's work is often focused on the modern female perspective.

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